Is your car coming up to the end of its lease or PCP?

Does it have an any damage to the body a scratch or dent on the body or damage to the wheels or interior? Don’t worry Essex Smart Repairs can help.

Returning a damaged lease vehicle can result in unexpected costs for minor repairs and this can end up being very costly. We understand that lease cars can easily obtain minor damage during the lease period, whether its scratches to the alloy wheels, a scrape on the edge of your car door, or a scuff on the bumper or damage to interior trim.

We can offer a mobile service to get your car back to condition that you won’t have any unexpected costs and save on any penalties your lease company could charge you.

Our Mobile technicians offer a fast and cost-efficient repair at your home or place of work.

If your new to lease car ownership you should deal with scuffs or scratches as soon as possible. This will reduce the risk of corrosion and rust if the damage is deep. Whilst the car scratch repair cost might be irritating at the time, it'll only spiral into something worse if you don't deal with it early.

Please also note like a lease term your vehicle that’s on PCP could be affected by its condition and all the above needs to be thought about before you return your car back to the lender or dealer.

Please look at your terms and conditions on your lease or PCP agreement for details. We are here to help so please feel free to ask us any questions.

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